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Greetings and welcome to the new home of my blog.

If you are new here; my name is Austin “Lantz Sensi”, I am an ALT in Miyagi Japan. I came to Japan in 2009 on a one year contract with a relatively small dispatch company and I was stationed in North Miyagi. During that year I met my wife and decided to stay in Japan. However it was at this time that the company I was working for threw a wrench in my plans.

The school year ends in March and then begins again in April. It was late February when I was given news from the company I worked for that, if I were to stay I would have to accept a pay cut equaling to half of the current pay. This obviously was not acceptable and I decided to leave the company. That sent me on a month long adventure to find a job and VISA sponsor before the end of March of my time in Japan was over.

Luckily I was able to find a great job South of where I was living and I have been working in the same place ever since. During the initial time in Japan I began to make videos to put no Youtube so I could share my adventures with family and friends at home. Eventually, after I was exposed to the “HOLE IN THE WALL” project by Sugata Mirta I was inspired to start making videos for my students.

That was the birth of my Youtube channel ALT-S. However over time it became obvious that no students were interested in my channel. However, I really enjoyed making videos and I didn’t want to stop. So I decided to change the focus of my channel to helping foreigners in Japan. It was at this time that I got into photography and saw a business opportunity so i decided to split my photography and cinematography from my Youtube and so ALTS productions and ALTX were born.

Here on ALTX I make monthly videos that are aimed on helping foreigners who are interested in coming to Japan or who are already living in Japan. I try to focus on many different subjects such as laws and driving. However since most foreigners who come to Japan come as teachers and I myself am a teacher a lot of my content is geared towards teachers although the videos are applicable to everyone in Japan.

I designed this blog/ landing page as a place for people to come and download my scripts so they can use them to do their own research. Many of the topics I have/will discuss are very large and are impossible to cover in a 10-15 minute video so by allowing my scripts to be downloaded I hope my videos can be a stepping stone to helping foreigners in Japan.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment on this blog, my youtube videos or any of my social media. Also if I ever miss any information during a video please share in the  comment sections so everyone can learn form each other.



Austin “Lantz Sensi”

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